Need somewhere to workout during the Arnold?

We’ve got you covered.

We have a 25,000 square foot facility, stocked with…well… gym equipment.

We’re a local spot, we’re going to be getting in on the festivities, and you’re invited to come use our space over the weekend if you’re in need of a place to pump.

You can buy a one-visit pass for $15.00 or buy the unlimited pass which will cover you Thursday through Sunday for as many visits as you may need. Come ten times a day if you’re feeling up to it.

Aside from our usual rules, we ask for three primary courtesies from anyone coming over from the sports festival. This may not apply to you and that’s okay, but from experience, it needs to be said.

1. Keep your shirt on.
2. Don’t throw down weights. We’re on the second floor.
3. Don’t eat on the gym floor. There’s a dining space downstairs.

So, smash one of these buttons to get the registration out of the way and we’ll see you this weekend!