Physical Therapy

By Andrew Lengerich PT., DPT., OCS., CMTPT.

The state of Ohio is a Direct Access state, this means that you do not need a physician’s referral to see a Physical Therapist for treatment. If you are seeking to be reimbursed by your insurance company for your out of network services certain insurance plans do required a referral.

Initial Assessment
Member Price: $100.00
Non-Member Price: $125.00

The initial assessment is a 60-70 minute 1-on-1, session that will include a review of your medical and injury history and a physical evaluation that will determine the course of your physical therapy treatment. This assessment can be used to identify and treat current injuries, identify problem areas that could lead to future injuries, or identify deficiencies that could be leading to poor performance in the gym or any other physical activity you may be participating in. After these problem areas have been identified there will be manual therapy and/or dry needling services provided to help decrease your pain and improve function. Finally, you will be given some instruction on exercises that you can do to help supplement what you are already doing at the gym or with a personal trainer.

Gait Analysis
Member Price: $100.00
Non-Member Price: $125.00

A gait analysis is a 60-70 minute 1- on-1 session that will include a review of your medical and current/past injury history and a detailed physical evaluation. We will also discuss running goals, running frequency, cross training, number of miles per week, and any upcoming races or events. A selective functional movement assessment will be performed to identify any deficits that you may have with certain movement patterns. This will be followed by a video analysis on the treadmill to determine poor running mechanics that could be causing injury, lead to injury in the future, or decrease efficiency of your running causing poor performance. You will be given feedback from the analysis on what your deficiencies are and given tips for changing your running gait, exercises to help improve your strength/flexibility, and manual therapy/dry needling to decrease pain and improve function.

60 Minute Treatment
Member Price: $75.00
Non-Member Price: $100.00

30 Minute Treatment
Member Price: $50.00
Non-Member Price: $60.00

After your assessment each treatment session will be a private, hands-on session utilizing manual therapy, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and exercise techniques to continue to improve your overall function. Follow up treatments will be focused on addressing what was found during the initial assessment but if there are new issues that arise they can be addressed during these sessions.