Let's Move for a Better World Week 1 Recap!

We’re one week in!

The Technogym Let’s Move for a Better World kicked off 7 days ago, and we still have a lot of challenge left to go! So far we’ve signed up 123 participants, donated 164,917 MOVEs and have given away tons of prizes such as membership discounts, virtual training programs and Alchemy gift cards with plenty of new fun things to give away this week!

We have a few updates for everyone on how the MOVEs are being applied to the challenge. Technogym finally reached out to us to clarify why many of our Apple Health/Samsung Health MOVEs weren’t being applied to the challenge leaderboard. While this data will successfully add MOVEs to our weekly leaderboard, the challenge MOVEs require GPS tracking to verify the distances traveled and below you can see what works and what doesn’t work for the challenge.


We started the challenge under the impression that a lot of these MOVEs would count and will need to adjust our tactics to raise our position as a gym. It is highly recommended that you log-in on the cardio equipment you use to get all of your MOVEs to go to the challenge leaderboard and as always, Christian is available upstairs to show anyone how the MyWellness tools work to make this as easy as possible.

So that everyone knows where we stand right now, we are in 19th place for the United States and we are about 50,000 MOVEs behind our Ohio based competition; the Wexner Center. You can find the full leaderboard to keep up with the challenge progress by clicking here.


Regardless of the technical misunderstanding, this event’s sole purpose is to combat sedentary lifestyles and to encourage movement, so let’s approach it with that in mind, and let winning be a secondary concern. We’re proud of all of you that have put in so many MOVEs so far, and are so glad to have so many motivated and inspiring members hitting the grind day in and day out, so keep up the good work!

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