Boxing 101: Form and Punches for Best Calorie Burn

If you have ever watched of boxing--whether live, in a televised match, or even just in a movie--no doubt you took note of a boxer’s incredible physique.  Boxers are known for their low body fat content and sculpted muscles. And it’s not just their arms, boxers have well-defined muscles all over, because boxing is an incredible full body workout.  But while many of us admire the boxer’s body, few of us are driven to get in the ring to try it out. That’s why gyms like the Fitness Loft offer fitness boxing classes such as Virtual Title Bout Boxing.  Fitness boxing offers all the benefits of boxing from cardiovascular training, muscle strengthening, and toning without the risk of a black eye or a broken nose. If you are looking for a fast-paced, fun workout, try out a boxing workout. You just might channel your inner Rocky Balboa!


Boxing Training Workout

Boxing provides a full body workout with a wide variety of benefits if it is done right.  Boxing will improve not just your arm strength but will also improve your core strength, your leg muscles, and cardiovascular health.  To achieve these impressive results, you need to implement a proper boxing stance and technique. With the right form, you can burn a lot of calories quickly.  

Stance: The best boxing stance places your arms and gloves up by your face and your feet staggered, with your non-dominant foot forward.  By maintaining this stance, you will be able to deliver the most effective punches even as your body tires.
Types of Punches: Crosses, hooks, and uppercuts are large, sweeping movements, while jabs are smaller punches.  Mixing up these punches against your virtual opponent will work every muscle of your arm, and then some.
Punch with your whole body: Don’t just swing your arms, put your whole body into your punches.  Even though an aerobic boxing class like Virtual Title Bout Boxing won’t pit you against an actual opponent, act as it does!  Spar with that virtual partner like he’s right in front of you. Punching with your whole body will work your legs and core for the best full-body results.
Retract punches: In a real boxing match, after delivering a punch, boxers retract their gloves to their face for protection.  Keeping your gloves by your face will help you maintain the best boxing stance and technique.
Keep moving: Step into punches and bounce lightly on your feet during the entire workout.  This constant motion will keep your muscles engaged and your heart pounding for maximum benefits.

Benefits of Boxing Workouts

We’ve already mentioned that boxing will work your arms, legs, and core for muscle sculpting and toning.  The fast pace will leave you dripping in sweat and burning some serious calories. The cardiovascular benefits of boxing are great for lowering the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  The constant pounding builds bone strength. But boxing workouts will also improve your balance, coordination, reaction time, and agility. It can also be a great stress reliever.


If these benefits sound attractive, consider giving an aerobic boxing workout like Virtual Title Bout Boxing a try.  These types of fitness boxing workouts provide all the benefits of boxing without the risks of competitive boxing.  The Fitness Loft is proud to offer Virtual Title Bout Boxing as a part of our many workouts.  If you are intrigued by the idea of boxing, swing by the Fitness Loft today.

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