5 Ways archery workouts increase upper-body strength

New year, new you--new workout?  If you are like many Americans, improving your physical fitness is at the top of the list of your New Year’s Resolutions.  So many people join a gym at the beginning of January, only to fizzle out after a few weeks. One reason their enthusiasm fades away is boredom.  To stick with a workout routine, you must find something you enjoy. For something different, consider virtual ninja archery at the Fitness Loft Columbus.  

Chances are you have never tried a workout like this, and how could you become bored of a workout with ninja in the name? Archery is a full body workout that improves stamina, endurance, balance, and coordination, and it won’t surprise you to learn that archery improves upper body strength as well.  In fact, archery is a great upper body workout for men and a great upper body workout for women. It requires great strength and control to draw back the bow and hold it while aiming. Repeating this over and over again means you need a lot of endurance in your upper body. So if weight lifting is not your thing but toned arms are, give virtual ninja archery a try!  Here are 5 ways archery workouts increase upper body strength.

Increasing Upper Body Strength 

It works your upper back.  Specifically, practicing archery targets the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius, and the rhomboids--the major muscles of the upper back.  Archery works these muscles in a similar way to handheld weight exercises such as the upright row, back raises, shrugs, and single arm rows.
Archery develops your shoulders.  Shooting a bow and arrow is great for the deltoids.  Archery provides an effect similar to side raises, front raises, back raises, the military press, and the upright row.

Archery works the muscles of your chest.  Put in the time practicing archery, and you will quickly see a difference in your pectoralis muscles, a.k.a. your “pecs.”  Archery works your pecs much like a front raise.
It develops arm muscles.  Your biceps and triceps will look lean and toned after a few sessions of virtual ninja archery.  If you start with the new year, your arms will be tank top ready by summertime! Shooting a bow and arrow works the same muscles as the upright row or single arm rows.

Archery is a great workout for your core.  While the benefits of archery for your back, shoulders, and arms probably come as no surprise, you might not expect it to work your core, but it does.  No doubt you will feel the effects after your first virtual ninja archery session! Maintaining a firm posture while shooting the bow and arrow requires core strength.  By the time your arms are ready for the beach, your abs will be, too.

New Workouts for 2019

So if 2018 has left you feeling blah, shake things up in 2019 with virtual ninja archery at the Fitness Loft Columbus!  A new, challenging workout routine might be just what you need to feel recommitted to health and wellness in the new year.  Not only is archery a great upper body workout, but it works the rest of the body to improve coordination and balance.  

In addition to these physical health benefits, archery also promotes confidence, patience, and focus.  Archery is truly a well-rounded workout that will benefit you physically and emotionally. If virtual ninja archery sounds like it might be the workout for you, reach out to the Fitness Loft Columbus today!