Virtual Realty Fitness is for losers...(of fat, that is)

If you're a Fitness Lofter, chances are you've seen someone doing virtual reality fitness. I may be the person you've seen. I wasn't asked to write this blog, and I don't get anything in return for writing it. I just wanted to encourage others to try this incredible workout. I've been doing VR Fitness essentially once a week for the past three months. After my first experience with VR boxing (a 30 minute boxing workout), I literally could not move my arms enough to feed myself dinner. It was one of the best workouts of my life, and the exact challenge I needed to get me out of my fitness funk. 


I know getting over the initial hump of trying VR Fitness is hard. It's different. You wonder if you'll look like an idiot. You feel weird about using VR to workout. Let me assuage your fears. It IS different--this is not your average treadmill workout, which is why it is SO effective at burning calories. You've probably heard about high intensity interval workouts--VR fitness uses the concept of HIIT and incorporates coordination as well. This is good for shaping your body but also your brain. When you challenge your brain to learn new patterns and ways of moving, your body becomes more efficient, neuromuscularly speaking, as your brain forms new connections. So, will you look like an idiot? I guarantee you that once you put on the VR headset, you don't think about how you look to the outside world. There's no time for that. You're busy getting an incredible workout in. Finally, you might feel weird about using VR. We use VR for basically everything these days. It's no different than most gaming devices; technologically speaking, it's not all that different than GPS on your phones. You listen to a voice from Google to tell you how to get from one location to the next--is that really less scary than using VR at the gym?


Why should you trust my opinion?

Maybe you're wondering just who is this Abel Koury, and why should I believe him? Well, if you don't want to take my word for it based on my experience doing VR fitness and seeing an increase in stamina and decrease in body fat (down by 5% last I checked), maybe you'll believe me as a National Academy of Sport Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. If not, maybe you'll trust me as Dr. Koury, former professor in the psychology of motivation, which is why I'm writing to you right now. As the holidays are upon us, it's easy to slip into the mindset that you can get back to a hardcore gym schedule after the new year. Motivation science tells us that novelty is highly motivating. Try VR fitness, just once. See the astronomical benefits for yourself. If you want to talk more about the benefits of VR or the motivation science behind it, feel free to reach out. Also, Tim, the guy who runs VR fitness, is awesome. Stop by and chat with him to see how to get started. 

Christian CollinsComment