RPM Vs. SPIN: What you need to know

Throughout all of the different fitness fads, it looks like cycling classes are here to stay. Cycling classes provide a team atmosphere, great music, and stunning fitness results. This article will break down two of the most common types of cycling classes, RPM and Spin class. We’ll help you figure out what an RPM class entails, what a spin class involves, the difference between them, and the class that is right for you.

What is RPM?

RPM is an abbreviation for revolutions per minute; this is a cycling term that can help asses how fast you can pedal. RPM is also a cycling class at Fitness Loft Columbus. This class is a fun personalized indoor cycling class that puts YOU in control of the intensity. The class revolves around peddling to the beat of the music and a stationary exercise bike with adjustable intensity settings. Each class has an instructor that uses techniques to get your heart rate up and safely back down again. This class is excellent for beginners because it is a low impact workout, meaning that your risk of injury is relatively small. The class has a lot of benefits, for example, you can burn about 700 calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


What is a Spinning Class?

A spin class also takes place on a stationary exercise bike and is geared toward individuals looking to improve their outdoor cycling technique. Experienced outdoor cyclists may even teach some classes. Anyone can join a spin class, and there is no prerequisite or requirement that you have to be an outdoor cyclist. In any given class you’ll find people ranging from beginners to pro outdoor cyclists and maybe even an Olympic athlete. The great thing about a spin class is you can go at your own pace while having a group of motivated cyclists cheering you on. The benefits that you receive from a spin class can transfer over to your overall fitness goals that aren’t outdoor cycling related. You’ll still burn a bunch of calories, improve your overall endurance, and sometimes even muscle growth. Some spin class instructors will incorporate other muscles into the workout such as triceps. Some classes add weights or other movements that can work your muscles.



The most significant difference between RPM and Spinning classes is the class structure. The type of training, methods used by instructors, and music will be completely different in each of these classes. In an RPM class, instructors focus on having fun, providing great music, setting the mood, guiding everyone through the cycling journey, and pushing everyone to do their best. In a spin class, instructors focus more on results than anything else. Whether it's pushing everyone a little bit further, or throwing everyone off guard with a new routine.



The class that is right for you depends on your unique fitness goals as well as the type of class experience you want to have. If you’re looking to meet a new group of people and listen to some great music while also getting in a great workout, the RPM class is for you. Some think that spin classes are stricter than RPM classes. If you prefer to have fun, you may want to join an RPM class. If you’re looking for a rigorous, disciplined workout, a spin class is probably your best bet. If you’re still lost at the end of this article, you should reach out to the class instructors and ask them what they would recommend for you. Have a clear idea in mind of what you want out of a class and communicate this with the instructor. They should be able to point you in the right direction or even have you sit in on a class.

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