BodyPump 101: Shaping, Toning & Strength Training

If you’re looking to burn off body fat and also want to build lean muscle instead of bulky muscle, there’s a workout class specifically designed for you. Bodypump is a new type of workout class that can produce stunning results. The results can be achieved through methods such as shaping, toning and strength training. This article will break down these techniques as well as their intended benefit for your body in the Bodypump program.


What is Shaping in Bodypump?


A lot of people will tell you that the way your body looks is how it will always be. By the time we reach adulthood, our bodies structure is set in place. At this point, you stop getting taller, your feet stop getting bigger, and your bone structure is set in place. What a lot of people don’t tell you is that you are in control of how your body looks. Strength training workouts like Bodypump can change the shape of your body by increasing muscle and bone strength. By burning over 500 calories in one Bodypump session, you’ll burn off fat and build lean muscle that doesn’t look bulky.


What is Toning?


The goal that a lot of people have when working out is that they want to get tone instead of getting huge muscles. Toning defines specific muscles on your body and makes them more defined. Toning occurs for two reasons, lower body fat percentage and an increase in lean mass. Toning will give your body toned muscular curves. Just like layers of fat give your body curves, layers of muscle will give your body more defined and tight curves. Bodypump is a carefully crafted program that understands how to tone your body. In a single Bodypump session you'll burn a ton of calories, which lowers your body fat percentage as well as the use of light weights with high repetitions to build lean muscle mass.




Strength training is at the heart of any well-rounded athletes workout regimen. Strength is when your body can produce force. Therefore, strength training is when you increase your ability to move heavier weights over time.  If we do not have good strength, our bodies look for other ways to produce force and use our skeletal system causing stress and possible harm. When strength training is performed correctly over time, your body will rely on your muscles to produce force instead of your skeletal system.


How does Bodypump use shaping, toning, and strength training to influence its program?


At the heart of the Bodypump experience is THE REP EFFECT™, a technique that pushes your muscles until they are tired. THE REP EFFECT™ will shape, tone and strengthen your muscles with its proven formula created by fitness experts. This result is achievable with a mixture of light weights and lots of repetitions. The goal is to work until your muscles can’t go any further, which is how most athletes train to build their lean athletic muscle.

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