The top traits of a great Personal Trainer

Personal training is part of our flagship client-centered service at the Fitness Loft. Choosing the perfect personal trainer is a highly personal process, and not everyone will find the right match right away.


There are so many reasons to choose a personal trainer, but there are also many reasons you might not feel a connection with a trainer. Finding a personal trainer in any of the gyms in Columbus or anywhere else should be a personal and careful process. This post is based on our experience in both the Columbus personal trainer market and our staff’s far-reaching experience beyond this city. Here are a few things to look for when choosing your personal trainer.


Personal Training + Fitness


The old adage is that those who can’t do teach. But in personal training, it’s usually the case that those doing the teaching are also doing the doing most every day. A personal trainer is usually in the gym in between sessions, and their physical knowledge will usually manifest itself in their own physical fitness.

This might seem like a simple one, but look for a personal trainer who is fit themselves. While this shouldn’t be a hard-and-fast rule, it’s a good starting place. A trainer who puts their own theories into practice is usually someone who you can count on to help you. Also, the way they approach their own fitness can often indicate how they’ll approach yours. If there’s a specialty or specific interest that you see them implementing in their own workouts, you can bet they’ll ask you to try it too.


Knowledge of Training Needs


Don’t hold trainers to too high of a standard, though. It can be damaging and probably not in your best interest to judge simply by your trainer’s looks. If your favorite trainer has been injured or is experiencing difficulty of their own, that doesn’t affect their knowledge and expertise. While impressive diplomas on the wall of your trainer’s office always look good, don’t choose your trainer on certs alone.


Make sure to ask your trainer thorough questions and be specific while expressing your personal goals and style. A personal trainer with a comprehensive expertise and a continuing learning plan in your favorite kind of exercise or particular physical situation can provide much more growth than one with plenty of certifications but without the specific knowledge that you need.





We train clients in Columbus but this advice is universal. A great trainer knows how to push you beyond your limits. The trainers I’ve used through the years have always been able to look beyond my protestations and get me to do another set, another round.


The other side of the coin is a finely honed sense of when to back off. If you have a specific medical issue or you’re beginning to break the boundaries of what is safe, a truly excellent trainer will know the difference. They’ll know that stopping you mid-set and encouraging you to spend a little time recovering is the difference between continuing your fitness journey and spending a month out of commission.




If you’re in a really tough fitness place in your life and are starting from absolute zero with what seems like an impossible amount of weight to lose or strength to gain, a great trainer will never judge you or make you feel inadequate. They’ll know that you’re worth it and work to connect with you on a personal level, assuring you that you’re worth the work.




We have been in the Columbus, Ohio community for over 30 years, and we know the unique requirements that a great personal trainer must have. Please stop in for an informational session and to check out the groundbreaking work we’re doing at The Fitness Loft.

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