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Tessa Farry

Know Where You Stand: The Fitness Loft Wellness Assessment

Learn about the different elements of the Wellness Assessment and why it is possibly the most useful tool included in your membership. Read More

Why Strength Matters

The decision to begin an exercise program is a huge step toward improving one's wellness and quality of life. Check out this blog to learn "Why Strength Matters"! Read More

Colleen Proctor

How to Create a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness is the big buzz right now and it will only get bigger! My "best practices" combined with tips form an article by Dr. Barry Malinowski will help you develop an effective program for your company! Read More

Nicole Heyder

How to Throw a Healthy Cookout

Jesi Hale and Nicole Heyder tell you how to create delicious and nutritious eats for all of your summer cookouts! Read More

Jeremy Carter

Picking Out Your Next Pair of Running Shoes: A Few Helpful Tips.

How to sort through the clutter and find the right pair of running shoes for your needs. Read More

Jesi Hale

Injury Prevention: Quadriceps and Hamstring Imbalance

Balancing the strength in your Quadriceps and Hamstrings muscles can help you stay injury free and allow you to continue on your path towards your fitness goals. Read More

Jesi Hale

Make No Bones About It: Bone Health Is Important

Wellness Professional Jesi Hale discusses the importance of optimal bone health. Read More

Clint Sears

The F-word: Easy, it’s just Failure!

Wellness Professional Clint Sears tell you why you shouldn't be afraid of failure. Read More

Nicole Heyder

8 Tips To Help You Stay In Shape

Staying in shape can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Here are 8 simple tips you can use to help eliminate excuses and stay on track! Read More

Tessa Farry

Choosing an Activity Tracker

Tessa reviews some of the hottest activity trackers on the market to help you decide which is best for you! Read More

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