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10 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

This time of year brings fun, family, and most of all food. Amidst the merriment and good cheer, we all know how hard it can be to maintain healthy eating habits once the holidays roll around. Sticking to a diet and fitness plan during the holidays takes willpower and commitment. Below are ten tips from our Wellness Professionals that will make battling the holiday bulge a little easier.


1. Find the time! - Don’t let the stress and hurriedness of the Holiday Season get in the way of your program. Shorten your exercise time down and increase the intensity level of your workouts. Ask for help on how to have an effective workout in a shorter amount of time. If you want more accountability during the Holidays participate in our Holiday Gamble to help keep you on track.

2. Plan your workouts - Exercise the day of parties if you can. If not, try to exercise the day before and after. You can also participate in any of the holiday races Columbus has to offer. Below are a few:

Turkey Trot (Nov. 26th), New Albany - Thanks for Giving 4-Miler (Nov. 26th), Jingle Bell Run (Dec. 5th), Decemburrr Dash (Dec. 19th)

3. No seconds or leftovers – Only one, normal portioned plate. If you must take leftovers home, don’t eat them all in one setting. Use the leftovers in different meals over a few days. Check out our Thanksgiving table for some healthy leftover ideas.

Photo Nov 16, 12 12 17 PM

4. Portion control – Don’t over-stuff your plate. For men, stick with 2- palm size servings of protein, 2- fist sized servings of veggies, 2-cupped palm sized servings of carbs and 2- thumb size servings of fat. For women, stick with one of each serving with the same measuring guidelines.

5. Limit the Alcohol – We’re usually driving, so it’s a good idea to limit it anyway. However, if you aren’t wanting to wreck your diet, keep the alcohol to a minimum. If you choose to have a drink, steer clear from sugary, calorie laden mixers and Holiday Drinks.

6. No Endless Apps – Avoid heavy appetizers full of cheese or high in carbohydrates. Don’t linger around the app table and tempt yourself. Stick with lean protein and veggie apps.

7. Indulge…… a little – Eat the food you enjoy. Just don’t over indulge in it. Pick out one indulgence (usually, desserts) and have a half portion. Remember, to only pick one, you can’t have half portions of every pie or cookie you want. Limit the add-ons like cheese and gravy.

8. Water, Water, Water – Be sure to hydrate. Have water or a water bottle with you at any get together. This will help you feel more satisfied and generally, keep you away from high sugar drinks like pop and help reduce your alcohol intake.

9. Healthy Breakfast or Lunch – Eat a healthy protein filled breakfast. The protein will “fill” you up, so you don’t head into the festivities starving. If your dinner/party is later in the day, eat a healthy lunch to get the same result.

10. Focus on what Matters - Enjoy the company, socialize and focus on conversing with people instead of what you’re going to eat next.


Armed with these tips, we know you all have what it takes to keep those holiday pounds off. If you would like a little extra motivation to stay fit this holiday, please join us in this years’ edition of the Holiday Gamble! Here’s how it works: First, you wager $10 on yourself. If you lose weight you get your money back AND 2 free 1 hour Personal Training sessions. If you gain weight your money is donated to Meals on Wheels. Weigh in’s begin on November 22nd, so join us and bet on yourself to keep those holiday pounds away!