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App Review: Move

It has been proven time and again that sitting at your desk all day is terrible for you. But when the workload starts to pile up, what are we supposed to do? Take a 20 minute break to walk around the block? Stop what we're doing, drive to the gym, workout, shower, drive back to work and pick up right where we left off? Not happening. Luckily there is a nifty little app called Move that reminds you guessed it...get up and MOVE throughout your day!

You can download Move for free in the App Store and immediately program it to give you periodic notifications to stand up from your desk and perform 10-60 seconds of exercise. The app comes preloaded with about 70 exercises ranging from jumping jacks to Yoga poses, leg lifts to pushups. There are even some more amusing exercises such as "frolic through a field" and "do the macarena". Not sure how to perform one of Move's moves? Just click the "How?" button and an instructional YouTube video will appear (because nobody knows what Hindu squats are). 
Photo Feb 23, 9 41 05 AM_copy
After you finish the exercise click "I did it" and Move will show you everything you've completed that day along with how many calories you've burned from just a few extra seconds of movement. I also found the "Give Me a Break" feature particularly handy on days when moving wasn't an option (you can also skip weekends with the touch of a button). 

Probably the biggest downfall of this app is its repetitiveness. I found myself doing more sets of burpees than any reasonable person should, and the motivational notifications seem to lose their fortitude by the third and fourth time around.  

Photo Feb 23, 4 39 55 PM_copy

Overall Move is a very simple, yet effective app for somebody who is sedentary for large chunks of the day. If you really commit to moving when it tells you to, you will notice your energy levels rising and chronic pain lessening.  

Naturally, we would recommend a more intensive workout routine than the one Move prescribes.  But, for those weeks when getting to the gym is not an option, Move can help you keep the body moving instead of allowing your training to come to a screeching halt.  If you find yourself unable to carve out an hour for a workout, Move may just keep you motivated until you are able to get back to your normal fitness routine.