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For many people who love taking yoga classes Columbus Ohio might seem like an out of the way choice. There are so many yoga studios here in Columbus, and for those community members in the know at The Fitness Loft, our yoga classes are some of the can’t-miss offerings every week. Mixing yoga into your workout week has numerous benefits, and regular yoga clients swear by taking their place at the mat every week. Many people use yoga as their primary form of exercise, while others use it as a once or twice a week reset.


The Roots of Yoga


The word “yoga” itself comes from the same root as the English word “yoke,” and means to attach or connect. The practice of yoga as a physical discipline dates back several centuries, and the mental practice even further. Over this long history, yoga has formed into a practice of combining breath control, physical alignment either in athletic poses (known as asanas) or simply sitting in meditation, and mental clarity for a practice that stimulates and builds both your physical body and your mind.


Benefits of Yoga


The reason that yoga works so well as an ingredient of a vibrant wellness plan is the myriad of ways it supports other forms of movement and aspects of daily life. Yoga is a great way to build strength in a challenging yet safe environment, where the poses can become progressively more challenging as you get better at yoga, as opposed to many other forms of exercise that lose effectiveness as you progress. Yoga also helps with flexibility and balance, which are essential whether your primary form of exercise is running, bodybuilding, cycling or swimming. Balance is an underrated and incredibly important aspect of the practice.


Yoga improves energy levels by improving blood flow and the flow of synovial fluid, keeping parts of your body healthy that you might not use as much in daily life or in your other forms of exercise. Yoga also has been shown to improve your mood and help you relax, leading to an overall reduction in stress and a feeling of mental control. When you’re in a position of power over your thoughts and physicality, you can approach things as simple as, say, a squat or a mile on the bike from a new angle, with awareness of smaller and more specific muscle movements you might have never sensed before.


Yoga Classes Columbus Ohio


Our yoga classes Columbus Ohio encourage community members to manage their breath. Breath work, known as pranayama in Sanskrit, is core to the practice of yoga and builds your ability to connect breath and movement. This helps in every single part of life, whether it’s workout or daily activities.


Yoga Studios Columbus Ohio


Working yoga into your weekly routine can feel like a big challenge. Cities like Columbus have so many choices. Members of the Fitness Loft community have access to some of the best teachers in town without having to sacrifice membership to a larger facility or balance the burden of paying for more than one kind of exercise.


Instead of running around between your cycling studio, your yoga studio and a gym, joining a community like The Fitness Loft, is a perfect way to become a regular practitioner of yoga. Whether yoga becomes your primary form of exercise or just a weekly reset between spinning and heavy weights, it will change your life. For more information on our yoga classes in Columbus Ohio call us or stop by. 


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