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Your daily routine may consist of checking your emails, walking the dog, paying your bills, cooking, and taking vitamins. If this sounds anything like you, you probably live a busy life in many areas. Ever wish you can do everything at once? While we’d love to help you with your work emails and new projects, that’s not our expertise. What we can help you with is receive a great workout in a short amount of time. If you want to have toned abs, better posture, and strength there’s a workout class for you! Fitness Loft has a new comprehensive class that targets these three areas. In just a half hour, the hardCORE workout class will help you improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, and work on your abs.

A Core Workout is More than just Killer Abs

When people think of ab workouts, they often believe the only options include crunches and planks. A hardCORE core workout is much more than just abdominal muscle training. When instructors were creating the core workout program, they were thinking about how to get the most results in the shortest amount of time. As a result, exercises that help your posture and strengthen your muscles are included within the exercise program.

The Best Workouts for your Core

One of the best exercises for your core is the reverse crunch. This core workout consists of you laying with your back on the ground, arms by your side, bringing legs up into your chest with your knees bent. It’s literally the reverse of the typical crunches exercise.  

Another great workout for your core is arm and leg raises. This particular exercise consists of you lying on your belly, with your hands above your head, lifting your right arm and left leg or vice versa simultaneously. By doing these correctly, you can experience tightening in your abdominal muscles.

A unique workout that engages your body well is the bicycle core workout. This core workout consist of lying on your back, placing your hands on the back of your head to prop yourself up, bringing your knees up and rotating them as if you were cycling on a bike, lifting your chest and shoulders off the floor, and turning your elbow into the opposite knee to flow with the cycle motion. If done correctly, this bicycle core workout can truely benefit your abs.

How to Incorporate the Best Core Workouts into your Routine

Your life is most likely already busy, and you may find it hard to jump into working out. Instead of figuring out which exercises fit into your schedule, you should instead enroll in a hardCORE workout class. The classes at Fitness Loft are updated continuously to keep things exciting and effective for each person who participates. The latest fitness trends and scientific workout studies are used to determine which workouts make it into our classes. Instead of sitting down and sifting through the endless articles of workout materials, you can join a class where a team of professionals does all of that work for you.

The class instructors at Fitness Loft Columbus will work with you to find the best core workouts and the latest trends. You can choose your class times based on corresponding availability, and meet with familiar workout class faces. There are a few different class times to choose from at Fitness Loft Columbus that are offered with a variety of instructors.