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Location Columbus, Ohio

The Fitness Loft is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio in a lot that was previously an auto dealership. When the owners of Bobb Chevrolet moved out of the downtown location in 2004, the family chose to hold onto the property rather than sell to a chain business. They might have also flipped the open lot into a gas station. Neither option appealed to them. The owners, instead, wished to turn the 7 acre plot of land into something special, a community-centric space that would brighten up downtown and enrich the community.

Hot Spot Location

The family-owned lot, located in the German Village across from the children's hospital, now hosts a breakfast restaurant, finance company and (the newest addition) the Fitness Loft. What has historically been considered a less-than-ideal part of town, downtown Columbus has quietly become more culturally relevant and desirable over the past few years, as businesses like the Fitness Loft and others offer more elegance to the urban area of our city.

The Holistic Approach to Wellness

After deciding to turn the space into a gym, many of the recognizable brands were considered. None, however, focused on a holistic approach that offered real value to the community. And, so the owners chose to invest in their own gym -- one that aimed to offer a wide-variety of services and amenities to its patrons at a great value. Thus, the Fitness Loft was born.

Benefits and Offers

The first session is free for new visitors along with blood work and holistic recommendations about how to improve overall health through exercise. With the latest equipment for fitness tracking, digital and in-person PT options, along with a nutrition coach, the loft is a premium fitness offering. It's also the number one rated gym on Yelp, with a number of 5 star ratings and reviews, proving accessible to a wide range of people. Rachel B. writes:

"The staff is really friendly. The facilities are beautiful and all machines are really nice and new."

People that may otherwise have not visited the downtown area, now make multiple trips a week. Other offerings at the fitness loft include 5 personal trainers that are highly educated, 45 classes a week, special membership deals, upscale amenities, a sauna and corporate partnerships, as well as an on-site juice bar where people can get a fruit smoothie or freshly juiced health drink. With the corporate partnership program, off site evaluations are available along with membership discounts, making the gym even more affordable while improving workplace culture and health. With a friendly staff and clientele, we guarantee you'll love the time you spend there.


The fitness loft now joins the ranks of 24 hour gyms in the city. After being in operation for several years, the gym has listened to customer feedback, adding equipment, classes, personal trainers and even expanding the hours of operation. Now, people can visit the gym any time. The Fitness Loft is the best Columbus gym. It's a standout in the downtown area.

When Bobb Chevrolet moved out of the location in 2004, the lot could have easily turned into another culturally insignificant chain. Instead, we now have a popular gym that significantly boosts the area. Downtown Columbus is improving and the Fitness Loft is a part of that. People all over the city choose to work out at our location because it truly does offer something for everyone!