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Archery Workout (Virtual Ninja Archery)

Archery is the practice of shooting an arrow with a bow, particularly towards a target. The skill of using a bow and arrow has been historically used for hunting or in military situations. However, it has recently become a very popular fixture in the athletic world and at competitions. Archery is a real workout and it takes a lot of concentration and strength in order to be able to do it. If you’re searching for archery classes Columbus Ohio, look no further than Fitness Loft Columbus. Below are some of the reasons we recommend taking archery classes and, more specifically, our Virtual Ninja Archery classes.

Build Strength

Archery is certainly a real workout. In order to draw a bow properly, you’ll need to engage your core, your arms, hands, shoulders, and chest. It’s possible you can get hurt without having a professional work on your bow and set it for you. That said, once you do, you’ll be able to draw larger weights. By using all of these body parts during this sport, you may see results in your strength. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the only gyms in Columbus offering archery classes.

Get Coordinated, Remain Focused

Think about it. You want to hit a target with a bow and arrow. One side of the arrow rests on your hand and the other sits in the grip of the other. The only way you can hit the target is if you apply the right amount of tension on the bow with one hand while aiming with the other. That’s tough to do under the best conditions. It’s hard to do even if it’s something you already know how to do. One aspect of being a being a great archer is having great coordination. You have to work out your footing, nocking your arrow, your grip, and do it all with strength. Our classes will help you with your coordination. Another aspect is your focus. Shooting a bow and arrow requires strong form and the ability to see only your target. The longer you train in archery, the more skilled you can become. The more skilled you become, the more likely you are to compete in tournaments. Those tournaments are a great place to work on dealing with situations that require extreme focus.

Believe in Yourself

Archery Columbus Ohio. These three words can improve self-esteem. Finding a discipline you can devote yourself to is a skill. With skill comes self-esteem. Exercise is somewhat demanding but it’s work and it’s worth it. Work can also bring self-esteem. Archery can lead to competition. Even if you don’t win or place, you participated in a competition that came with self-esteem.

Take It Easy

The practice of archery can be a strenuous sport requiring a high degree of concentration, focus, strength, and self-esteem. You’ll work muscles you hadn’t worked previously and gain a good sweat. It can also be quite relaxing, though. Anytime you’re working hard, you’re providing yourself with an opportunity to focus. And what better thing to focus on than the relaxing with of an arrow released from a bow headed across a field or room to its target. Imagine how the arrow sails along the air, reaches its point of impact, and you can take a breath and draw another arrow.

Fitness Loft Columbus

If you’re online and doing a search for archery classes Columbus Ohio, talk to our team at Fitness Loft Columbus. Our virtual archery dojo will give you a great workout with state-of-the-art holographic targets that shoot projectiles back at you. It’s fun, relaxing, and you’ll see results. Contact us today!