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Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training


Has this situation ever happened to you? You sit down at your office desk ready to knock out some work when you keep getting distracted by other people. You answer question after question until you are blue in the face. You go to start your work, and you see that a couple of hours have passed. This situation has probably happened to you at some point. You finally get in the zone, ready to knock out some projects. In just an hour, you’ve accomplished what would usually take you a whole day. When you focus on a task and minimize distractions, you get into a state of flow. This is exactly what a high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT workout is all about. Focus on a task, remove distractions, do your absolute best at it and see amazing results in no time. This article will explore some critical benefits of high-intensity interval training, what workout equipment you need, and how you can get started.


Benefits of High-intensity Interval Training


Perhaps the most significant benefit of high-intensity interval training is how quickly you can burn off calories in just a small amount of time. You may find yourself running on a treadmill, and continually checking the machine to see how many calories you burned. It’s kind of sad how long it takes to burn off 200 calories on a treadmill when you compare it to how quickly you can consume 200 calories worth of cookies in just a few minutes. The calorie burning benefits are what makes a high-intensity interval training more beneficial than other types of workouts. Studies have shown that a HIIT workout on average burns about 30% more calories than other forms of exercise such as running on a treadmill.


Another benefit of high-intensity interval training is that you burn calories even AFTER your workout is finished. Your metabolism is the process in which your body burns calories into energy and as a result, you burn off fat. Your metabolic rate is how many calories you burn off in a certain amount of time. Studies have shown that your metabolic rate is much higher after a HIIT worker than other types of workouts.


One of the more surprising benefits of high-intensity interval training is that you can build muscle. As a result of the calorie and fat burning aspects of the HIIT workouts, whichever muscles are used the most in the exercise will slowly build up over time and become more substantial. Although it isn’t as effective as traditional weight training, those who are new to working out will see some added muscle mass.  


What Workout Equipment do I Need?


There are many different variations of a high-intensity interval training workout, and each requires a particular type of equipment or sometimes none at all. Some common types of machines needed are the stationary bike, jump rope, a box for a box jump, as well as a few other pieces of equipment that can aid your HIIT workout. For other exercises such as jogging or sprints, no machinery is needed unless you prefer to run on a treadmill.


How do I Get Started?


Instead of figuring out how to build a weekly workout plan yourself, you can take a class at Fitness Loft Columbus or partner with a personal trainer here. Figuring out which equipment to use and how to use it properly to stay on track is time-consuming. Fitness experts at Fitness Loft Columbus do all of that work for you, so you can focus on getting in an excellent high-intensity interval training workout and get the results you are wanting.


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