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Have Your Coffee and Your Sanity Too!

Coffee is a lifeline for most of us in the morning. Without it we're angry, terrible people. Every time I do an assessment at the gym, coffee is the thing members miss, not food. We love it! The main question about coffee is usually, "Is it good for me?" Well, science, actual science, says yes. In moderation of course. 

Like every other part of a balanced nutrition plan, moderation is key. If you’re drinking 1-4 cups a day (8oz is a cup) you're fine. Many studies have also shown that drinking coffee in moderation offers many types of health benefits. Research has shown that moderate coffee drinking can lower your risk of type II diabetes (not in decaf), heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease. Some studies have shown improvement in physical performance. A Harvard study found even those who drank up to 6 cups a day found no higher risk of death from chronic disease. Enough research has shown that when consumed in smart, normal quantities, it certainly isn't going to cause any health issues.
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However, if you measure how much you drink in pots or drinking coffee that has a lot of other additives, then you need to reevaluate your relationship with coffee.

Excess caffeine consumption can lead to headaches/migraines, tremors and will affect your sleeping habits.  If you drink coffee (and other drinks) loaded with sugar than your risk of diabetes will increase. You'll wonder why you can't lose weight even though you’re killing it in the gym. High sugar drinks, will keep you from reaching your Fitness goals to full potential. If every now and then you venture to a coffee shop and get a fancy coffee drink packed full of sugar, you'll be fine. Just as long as it isn’t a common thing.

When your coffee starts looking like a milkshake you aren't drinking coffee, that is a concoction, a sugary, syrup filled concoction. Many are not only high in calories, but more importantly high in sugar. Try to keep the amount of sugar to about 2.8g per 8oz of coffee (1 packet is 0.1oz of sugar).  Frappuccino’s, blended drinks, iced coffees, white chocolate lattes, iced green tea lattes, mocha drinks, just to name a few. I promise these are not going to be low in sugar. Not to pick on Starbucks, but they’re popular, go to their website and look up their nutritional values for example.  You'll find ranges from 30g-60g of sugar depending on the size.

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This isn’t to scare you away from having a fancy drink from time to time, you still have to be able to live a bit. Just keep in mind what results you’re wanting from your fitness program. If you aren’t getting what you want, this may be an area to look at as to why.

Drink up, science says it’s OK and science is a pretty smart person.  You can feel good about having that little slice of heaven that keeps you from going just a little crazy.


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December 8, 2018
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November 29, 2018
Harvard study you say... Very interesting! I drink a lot of coffee on daily basis and I am afraid that it can harm me in some way. I am thinking about buying a research paper at Paperial about this topic. I want to know more about it in order to understand this matter.
April 13, 2018
Everyone like to drink coffee in the morning. In the rush paper, I have read that taking more coffee will effect to liver. I suggest everyone to drink less amount of coffee to prevent the health problems.