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MON-THURS  5:00AM - 10:00PM
FRI  5:00AM - 9:00PM
SAT-SUN  7:00AM - 8:00PM

Tim Donahey

Tim Donahey instructs the following:
  • Virtual Rhythm Sparring*
  • Set to electrifying beats, throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts while squatting and lunging below obstacles in a futuristic training arena. This 30 minute virtual training course will test your coordination, accuracy, and speed. Moderate to High Intensity.

  • Virtual Lightsaber Sparring*
  • Lightsabers? Check. Moving targets? Check. Childhood wish fulfillment? Check! Burn calories while you burn through a colorful array of targets and dodge obstacles while you train your coordination and accuracy in the most enjoyable 30-minute virtual fitness class yet. May the fierce be with you. Moderate to high intensity.

  • Virtual Title Bout Boxing*
  • Achieve the thrill and the glory of boxing toe to toe in the ring, but without any of the bruised knuckles or black eyes. This 30 minute virtual boxing simulation will test your speed, power, agility, and your will to outlast your opponents and claim victory. High to Very High Intensity.

  • Introduction to Virtual Reality Fitness
  • This 30-minute class provides a lower intensity introduction to the fun fitness alternative called virtual reality fitness. I'll guide you through all the basics of playing our games before trying it out yourself with two mini-workouts. In the first mini-workout you'll be a virtual fruit ninja and slice and dice a cornucopia of produce, and in the second mini-work, you'll punch the notes of one of your favorite songs -- just come equipped with an open mind and the name of a song you'd like to work out to.

  • Virtual High-Speed Interval Punching*
  • Staged on a hovering platform in outer space, you'll need to focus your mind and instantly react to quickly strike targets that appear as fast as you can punch them. Overcome your fear of heights as your arms move faster than you ever thought capable! This 30 minute speed puncher will test your speed, focus, reaction time, accuracy, and agility. High to Very High Intensity

  • Virtual Ninja Archery*
  • Step into a virtual archery dojo where you will loose arrows at holographic targets from your bow all while ducking, squatting, and dodging to avoid the projectiles they shoot back at you. You’ll feel like you’re in The Hunger Games! This 30 minute virtual archery combat simulation will test your accuracy, focus, reaction time, and agility. High to Very High Intensity.

  • Virtual Soccer Goalie*
  • This frenzied soccer goalkeeping will require you to jump, lunge, and swat to defend your goal from the onslaught of soccer balls coming at you. This 30 minute experience will test your focus, agility, reaction time, and balance. Moderate to High Intensity.